First master’s offered at a distance

The master’s degree in Educational Human Resource Development is one of the first program in the college to be offered at a distance to San Antonio, Uvalde and Temple via the Trans-Texas Videoconference Network.

Interdisciplinary Education joins IVTE

Interdisciplinary Education joins with the Department of Industrial, Vocational & Technical Education and forms a newly created Educational Human Resource Development program in the Department of Educational Administration.

The Texas Education Collaborative is developed

The college, through the leadership of  Jon Denton, is awarded a $1.9 million grant from the Texas Education Agency to support the Texas Education Collaborative which combines field experiences in school and community human service programs, advice and counsel from...

The Office of Bilingual/ESL and Multicultural Education is created

From 1992 to 1994 the college saw a 2 percent increase in minorities enrolled. Coupled with a growing need for bilingual educators in Texas public schools, the Office of Bilingual/ESL and Multicultural Education is created to help prepare educators for the changing...