50 Years of Education and Human Development


Celebrating our Past. Transforming the Future.

Celebrating 50 Years

The College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University has been transforming lives for 50 years.

We officially opened our doors under the direction of Dr. Frank W.R. Hubert on September 1, 1969 with 1,307 students and faculty from across the nation. We are now the fourth largest college at Texas A&M University with more than 6,000 enrolled students. 

We are a school for leaders — and not just in education, but also business, sport, health, and government.

Events & Activities

We are celebrating all year long, and we want you to be there! Learn more about how you can be a part of the celebration!

Our History

Take a trip through history as we highlight our most important achievements, events and the people who made them possible.

Share Your Memories

You are a part of the college’s story. Share your memories and photos with us to give greater perspective on CEHD’s history.